Please turn on your cellphone once landed so that the taxi driver could communicate with you.  In the event that we cannot establish communication, rest assured that your taxi driver will make his way to the meeting point 25-30 minutes after the plane landed.

Meeting points

London Heathrow Airport

Terminal 1

  • Domestic arrivals - it will be on the arrival area
  • International arrivals - it will be in front of WHSmith store

Terminal 3 - in front of WHSmith store

Terminal 4 - It will be at the far end side of Costa Coffee on the side of TRAVELEX Money exchange shop

Terminal 5

  • Domestic - by the steel railings, just after the arrival doors
  • International - facing Costa Coffee from the arrival doors, take the left exit and proceed to the INTERNET KIOSK near the elevator

London Gatwick Airport

North - Costa Coffee shop

South - Costa Coffee shop